What is WordPress and Why Would You Build a Restaurant Website with It

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You own a restaurant business, and you are looking for a friendly and versatile website without spending too much money. Is it possible today, when major firms invest millions of dollars in theirs? Probably your searches brought you to WordPress, the most popular and easy way to build a website and to put it online

However, as in any field, there are pros and cons to this Content Management System. influenced the online world for decades now. In the beginning, administrating a website was a complicated thing, but WordPress brought a new way to make sites easy to understand by everyone.

It is not only small websites to use this CMS, but also major ones with complicated features. A WordPress website can be done fast, with minimum costs, and the result is satisfactory from the SEO point of view as well.

Why WordPress?

Initially, it was used as a blogging platform. You probably know the websites named These are free websites made with WP, but these are really simple and don’t have many features. The real trick is to use WordPress as a CMS and to build a website with any functionality you desire.

WordPress is open-source, meaning anyone can contribute to its improvement. You can buy your own domain and build it with WP even if you don’t have coding skills. Instead of writing long lines of codes, WP allows you to create widgets, menus, modify colors, and manage your website at any level.

As you don’t need to create everything from scratch, the solution is straightforward and cheap. A simple WP website can be built in a couple of days. Plus, Google is really friendly with WP websites, and this is an official statement of the search engine.

As we are talking about Google, it is impossible to rank today with a website that is not mobile-friendly. WordPress has this covered as well, as most of the themes you can find there are already optimized for phones and tablets.

WordPress needs a web hosting provider, in our case we use the services of 

Cons of WordPress

As with any technology, WP also has its limits. It has a general scope with many elements that are not always essential for every website. If you are looking for a completely personalized solution, you might need to build a static website.

One example for which WP might not be such a great solution is a webshop with more than 10000 products. If you make it in WordPress, it might be slow and might crash for user searches. This happens as WP was initially a blogging platform, and it was later adapted for e-commerce. However, for a smaller shop, most of the developers would tell you WordPress is the ideal choice.

Some programmers claim WP  is not safe as it is open-source. Well, we could say this is the beauty of it. Most vulnerabilities are discovered and fixed by passionate developers even before they are exploited. Therefore. every new WP update fixes known vulnerabilities and makes it safer for the future ones as well!


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