What Are The Top 5 Free Ways to Download or Save Instagram Videos?

It is absolutely true that the new technology and applications available for Android have made many things easier. Nowadays, it is very easy to download any video from any website or social network.

Instagram is a social network where people who registered share many images and videos, the vast majority of videos we can see on Instagram are very famous and of excellent quality.

The vast majority of people are not aware of the best free applications that allow them to download any video directly from Instagram, or even download the video and save it.

There are many applications that have the ability to offer people the ability to download or save videos, but here we’ll explain the top 5 free ways to download or save videos from Instagram.

1. Video Downloader For Instagram

This is one of the best free applications, and is very popular and used by many people. It allows you to download any Instagram video, and you can even get videos from IGTV.

In order for you to download Instagram videos using this amazing application, other people’s profiles need to be non-private.

As for its operation, it is a very easy application to use and even download. It is necessary to emphasize that, there are two ways to use this application. The first is to log into the application and browse it as if you were on Instagram. Then, if you see a video that you like and that interests you, you can save it or simply download it. Of course, you must link your Instagram account to this application first.

The second way to use it is to download the video via the link. That is, from the Instagram application itself you just have to click the three dots of the post and copy the link. Then, open the Video Downloader for Instagram and paste the link to download it. This app is free with ads.

2. FastSave

This application stands out for being very simple, but it also downloads the videos with a very good speed. It is available for Android, and it is totally free.

The way this application works is very identical to the previous one, you just have to log in with your Instagram account in the FastSave application and you’ll be able to browse as if you were using the original Instagram application.

This way, you can download any kind of video you can watch on Instagram.

One of the best advantages of using this type of application is that it allows you to play the videos before you download them.

To download the videos, just click on the three dots in the top right corner and copy the link. The video will automatically be downloaded to your device’s memory.

3. Story Saber

Story Saber is a great application that has the ability to allow you to download videos from Instagram Stories very easily.

In addition, all the content we download will be available in the application. Just unfold the menu on the left and go to “saved stories”.

It also allows you to search directly for users on Instagram. This way you can easily download the stories of the people you follow.

4. SnapTube

This application can be considered as one of the best in this aspect. SnapTube not only allows you to download videos directly from YouTube, but also offers the facility to download videos from any of the social networks, including Instagram.

SnapTube is an application used by many people, because SnapTube receives excellent updates, and allows you to download videos in any format.

This application is totally free, and very easy to use, the interface of this application is easy to understand for anyone.

Besides, not only you can download videos from Instagram, SnapTube also allows you to convert HD videos to MP3 format if you only want to listen to the audio of some video.

5. Instagrab

The interface of this application is extremely intuitive and its design is really attractive unlike other applications.

When you open Instagrab, the platform will require your Instagram username and password to automatically redirect you.

When you open your social network from Instagrab, you’ll see a compilation of highlights that have been posted by the people you follow. Also, at the top, some of your contacts will be listed so you can log in to their profiles and download the content you need.

You will also be able to see all the posts you have given “like” in case you want to download something that has interested you, while maintaining the quality of the content.

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