How To Save Money On Groceries Now: Top Tips for Saving on Your Food Bill

Groceries  photoWith crashing stock markets and closures looming like summer storm clouds, American’s purse strings are pulled tighter than ever before. Your average working family’s income is now going toward the rising cost of household bills instead of savings and investments. Desperate times call for desperate measures but saving money on food doesn’t always have to be at the expense of quality. Check out these money saving tips to help you save a bundle on your grocery bill.

Buying Generics

OK, so generic brands might not have the best reputation but it really isn’t as bad as it sounds. Many generic brands are almost exactly the same as their name brand counterparts. In fact, many are made in the same factories and plants. Just because the products aren’t name brand doesn’t mean they are sub par. But buyers should beware of off brand vegetables and cleaning products. The veggies tend to have undesirable pieces (ex: stems) and cleaning products can be watered down.


That mailer in the mailbox every week used to be trash but don’t be so quick to head to the can. Take some time to browse through it because they often have good deals and can point you to the super markets with the best sales. Weekly mailers usually come toward the end of the week (Thursday or Friday) and are good for the coming Sunday to Saturday.

Price Club Cards

Most of the larger chain markets have “club cards.” It only takes a second to fill out the paperwork and you can usually get your card on the spot. These are good for taking advantage of “members only” deals which can change from week to week. “Club cards” are especially useful during the holiday season because they often allow shoppers the chance to accumulate points to earn free products like holiday hams and turkeys.

Super Stores

Super stores are a good choice because they allow shoppers to but in bulk and save money on gas. Instead of running around town picking up this and that, shoppers can do all of their shopping under one roof.

More money saving tips include buying locally made products (they cost less because it has to travel shorter distance), visiting farmer’s markets for fresh produce, and turning leftovers into new meals.

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