Foods of Fire: Poetry with Passion

Foods  photoFood. Such a great source of energy.
I eat it day and night, and that’s that way its supposed to be.
I love all and any kinds,
Bread, fish, even pork rinds.
Time for me to get some now.
I think I’ll try some of the cat’s meow.

Everyone now and then, I get that perfect craving.
All I want to eat is some creme of shaving.
What?!? You can’t be serious!
Oh but I am, and I do like chicken that is furious.
I know you might not like that dish,
But thats okay, because I’m sure it doesn’t exist.

Okay now your turn.
I mean would you like some burgers to burn.
Or even a delicious snack, or two.
Make sure to try some tofu.
I heard it is very good and packed with flavor.
So find your favorite foods, and stop being a hater.

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