Eco Friendly Home Improvement: Home Design with Mother Earth in Mind

Eco Friendly  photoHome design with mother earth in mind – If you are just starting a home improvement project or are thinking about one in the near future, think about saving money and the Earth at the same time. Thinking “Green” will not only help the Earth in the long run but it can also save you money.

Say no to oil based products
By using products that are not synthetic based we can lower the amount of oil that the world’s population uses and thus lower the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere. For example installing a new carpet made of natural wool fibers rather than nylon or polyester will not only reduce the dependency on oil but the reduction of the pollutants made during the processing of it. Wool carpet does cost more than nylon but it lasts longer and does not build up a static charge like the synthetic fabrics do. Wool carpet can also add value to a home.

Think cotton
For decorator fabrics choose cotton rather than polyester. Drapes, throw pillows and even upholstery can all be made from cotton or another type of non-oil based textile. Burlap, jute and silks are other types of textiles that can be used.

Stay close to home
Buying items that were manufactured close to where you live cuts down on the pollution caused by shipping an item. Think about buying products for home decoration from local artists and craftsmen.

Thinking about how you will maintain your newly done home improvement project will determine if it is truly a “Green” home improvement. If you have to clean your new carpet or flooring with a harsh chemical rather than biodegradable cleaner then maybe you should rethink your project. It is also more eco friendly to have a hard surface floor rather than carpet. Vacuuming a carpet uses electricity. Shampooing the carpet uses chemicals and more electricity. On the other hand a hard surface floor just needs sweeping and the appropriate floor cleaner applied with a mop.

To help our future we must look to our past
It seems that our technology based lifestyles has become our planet’s undoing. Chemicals and the technologies that have developed over the last 15 years has done more in creating pollution and toxic landfills than we care to think about. By turning to our simpler past homes made with natural elements rather than man made synthetics we can try and make a difference in our world ecology. For more information on helping our planet go to Rescue our Planet.com

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