Butterfly Life Cycle – All you have to know

Butterflies are indeed wonderful creations that share hope, positivity, and love. It symbolizes positivity and femininity, that is why it is loved by women more compared by men. It carries an invisible spirit of joy and happiness, especially dominated by the wonderful prints and colors that are seen engraved into its wings. There is also seems to be magical dust of fairies in its wings, which only makes it look more stunning. These are only some of the qualities why butterflies are loved and widely appreciated by the people. But what really is the life of a butterfly? What is the cycle that it takes before it turned to be as majestic as it is? Well, we’re here to find it out. Let’s go!

Butterfly Life Cycle

First Stage: Egg

The life of a butterfly starts from an egg. Every butterfly first became an egg before it turned to be majestic adults. The egg can be in shape cylindrical, oval, or round, and it is only small. Also, butterfly eggs can be seen attached to leaves or tree branches as a protection from any predator. Another thing, butterfly eggs, especially the monarch, has an amazing view. Try to look closely at it, and you can see a caterpillar-like creature inside that is only an indication that there is already a life inside the eggs.

Second Stage: Larva

After being an egg, the next phase is now to become a larva. When the eggs finally hatched, it does not result to a stunning butterfly already but only a larva that still needs to go through two more stages. Here, the larva, or what we commonly call as a caterpillar is living its life. Eating different plant materials is the primary hobby of a larva, which loves leaves of fruit-bearing trees and vegetables from a farm. One interesting fact about larva is that whenever it can’t find a food to eat despite having brothers and sisters being unhatched, the larva can eat the leaf, as well as the unhatched eggs. This is their way of gaining energy for traveling ad scavenging alone.

Third Stage: Pupa

Next to larva, we now have entered the world of the pupa. This is the stage wherein extreme isolation and sadness can be felt. But despite that, this is still considered as a cool stage. Here, the larva or caterpillar must enter and lock itself inside a pupa that he made. A larva can only go outside if it reached the desired size and length for an adult butterfly. This is also the place wherein butterflies are able to develop their majestic and huge wings representing different colors and designs.

Last Stage: Adult

Last but not least, the final stage of a butterfly life cycle is the adult stage. Here, the pupa can be opened, and a wonderful butterfly will come out. Depending on the designs and colors, the butterfly can now easily attract any human eye with its beauty.

So these are the stages involved in a butterfly life cycle. Just like it, learn to be patient with yourself and wait for your time.

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