Technology: Wii, Mii, and Getting Ahead

Technology photoWhen it comes to computers and technology, I can usually figure things out– mostly out of perseverance. That isn’t to say that I necessarily like it or that I’m even close to being technologically advanced. In some ways, it’s really gotten irritatingly fast and furious. Damn those printer drivers and software updates that have rendered the “scanner” function of my perfectly good printer useless. (Thanks again, HP!)

It was only last year that I finally got an ipod. I do enjoy it, especially for working out and music on the go. Yet, I’m only utilizing a fraction of its memory and I’ve run out of data. I can’t even fill 4GB. Does that make me an ipod loser? Then again, I’m not a downloader. I still come from the school of CDs and full-length albums. It just seems strange for me to download an itune.

I don’t have texting on my cell phone. There are no games or apps and I can’t surf the internet with a click of a button or check my e-mail remotely. I’m on Facebook, but I can’t even begin to compete with those who change their profile pic every couple of days and put way too much thought into coming up with a catchy, cool status update to send from their iPhone

I got a GPS for Christmas two years ago and it was only six months ago that I finally got around to opening the box.

“This is actually pretty convenient,” I thought as I wondered why I hadn’t tried it earlier.

This year, I got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas. I decided to be more “up on things” this time around so I hooked it up. Although, it will never replace my regular workout, it definitely has its pluses– especially on those rare, rainy L.A. days– like today. I like the balance games– namely the snowboarding, the ski slalom and even the aerobic hula hooping even though I feel

Some, okay most, of this technology is highly unnecessary. We’ve just allowed ourselves to get lazy and bored. I was perfectly fine without the ipod, the GPS, the Wii, and even e-mail [way back when] but all of it opens up a new world of possibilities.

When jogging with the Wii, for instance, a friend pointed out, “OR you could just jog for real outside…” Well, yeah, sure I could, but Wii jogging in place in front of a faux waterfall won’t replace real jogging– it’s just a different experience.

Microwaves have become ubiquitous, yet they still haven’t replaced ovens. And we were, I might mention, the last family in the neighborhood to get a microwave. (My mom was convinced that it was shooting radiation microwaves into our brains. I guess the jury’s still out on that. I still try not to stand in front of the microwave for that very reason.)

In short, technology has its ups and downs. Some days I hate, hate it and other days, the convenience factor makes me never want to look back. On the other hand, some people have trouble looking forward. To this day, my mom still has dial-up internet. She can’t even view episodes of our web series, “It’s Always Smoggy In L.A.” and she pays more than I do for DSL. Her new years resolution is high-speed. By the time she gets it, technology will be onto the next big thing and we’ll both be left in the dust.

Certainly things will continue to somersault ahead of me faster than I want to follow, but technology has certainly improved some things. Although, HP, if you’re out there, stop with the software updates– seriously. Not all of us can afford to get a whole new system of doing things every time you decide to upgrade.


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