Sea Meat the Wonderful Food

Meat  photoIf I were to list the food I love to eat

Without a doubt it would be sea meat.

Sea meat, sea meat is this some new fad?

No It isn’t it’s the best you’ve had.

The meanies at PETA call them sea kitties

But they have no idea and that’s such a pity

All slimy and gooey on their shiny outside

Yummy and tender baked broiled or fried.

So get a sharp hook and a small piece of bait

And get yourself sea meat, oh boy I can’t wait.

Omega fats and protein sea meat is so high

But with bad things it is low and I tell you this why?

Sea meat is so good with any old dish

Eat all you want all the sea meat you wish.

But be careful of what type you will eat

Not all is the same, this is true with sea meat.

Some sea meat is bad if you love the planet

Choose wise the sea meat you feed your aunt Jeannette

Mackerel is great a sustainable fish

Swordfish is bad so low on my list

Tuna is yummy but it pays a great price

And salmon is great, but you had better think twice

Orange Roughy is totally off of my roll

That sea meat has really taken a toll

Pollock from Alaska, now that’s a good one

And hybrid striped bass my my such fun

Eat herring and sturgeon that is raised on a farm

So you eat your sea meat and your causing no harm.

So be a good buyer and fisherman too

Then all can have sea meat, we all can thank you.