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    Smartwatch for Kids

    Smartwatch for kids is more than just ordinary timepieces. Modern features and perks are included, and the latter includes fitness tracking to encourage kids to go out and be active, GPS tracking so you will know their whereabouts, and the ability to receive or make calls. For sure, many parents have been pestered for the latest iPads, but at a certain point, the best smartwatch for kids can be an excellent stopgap. This will surely keep the kids entertained, even if they become a bit older.

    These smartwatches are also an incredible introduction to today’s modern technology in which even kids need to have a good and clear grasp of. The availability of smartwatches for kids proves that these watches are not just for adults. The truth is, there is now a wide range of smartwatches in the market that particularly cater to a young audience.

    The following are the best smartwatch for kids that parents can consider buying:

    Fitbit Ace 2  

    Fitbit Ace 2 is intended to help kids over the age of six learn good and healthy habits even at an early age and urge them to invest more dynamic energy with loved ones. Ace 2 features a unique swim-proof design with a helpful bumper that protects the screen during kid-related exercises and activities the entire day.

    This smartwatch for kids is readily available in bold, fun, and kid-friendly colors. This watch showcases animated clock faces, encouraging challenges to keep the kids moving, and colorful pictures and avatars to personalize profiles within the exclusive Fitbit application.


    This Garmin smartwatch has an entire scope of capacities that can make each day a tad of experience and adventure. It’s a solid watch that is fine to be slammed around, and this even allows you to grant points for chores and tasks accomplished every day. The idea is that these points can be exchanged for treats, so your kids will have a motivating force to do things pleasantly with their siblings. The strap and screen are customizable. The strap is stretchy and soft and specially designed to be comfortable and easy to use or wear day and night.


    Basically, a Fitbit Alta with a streamlined application that permits parental management, the Fitbit Ace is an incredible method to urge and inspire children to get going. This is a slim smartwatch for kids that is intended to track every day steps and make it fun by giving prizes and badges every time a goal is hit.

    This watch is water-resistant, so you don’t need to stress over about them being destroyed by the rain. The battery life can last up to about 5 days, so this watch is ideal for wearing the entire week to school without worry. You can even set up a family account in case all members of your family have Fitbits so you can see your kids’ progress effectively, and they can also customize the face of their watch with the different funky and cool clock designs.


    This is a functional and smartwatch for kids. VTech has made a definitive child’s smartwatch that has plenty of cool highlights; however, it won’t make your wallet completely drained. This watch has a camera for taking videos and photographs, a motion sensor to track activities, and has an array of games and applications that your kids can use.

    There are more than 50 diverse 3D-effect smart clock faces-both analog and digital relying upon your preference. You can actually download all your top favorite games and applications to customize this smartwatch.

    VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

    This smartwatch for kids isn’t just a brilliant device yet additionally a standard digital camera for kids. This features a front-facing selfie camera as well as a side-facing camera for activity shots. An element that the children will surely love is the capacity to utilize the photos as watch faces.

    This was particularly designed for kids and had all the essential features that most kids dream of. This watch includes built-in games and a motion sensor allowing the setting up of active game challenges. Its changeable sound effects and watch faces can be utilized to help the kids learn and master telling the right time.

    You can choose any of these best smartwatches to buy and give to your kids. Each smartwatch for kids is packed with incredible features that will entail the best user experience.

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    Best VPN for Android

    With lots of unsafe and fake VPN for Android available out there, it is no wonder that you may be one of the victims.  To keep your Android phone safe and sound, you need to rely solely on a trustworthy VPN.

    The VPN for android mentioned below is fast, user-friendly, and secure. They will provide you unlimited access to various streaming platforms such as Netflix, fast speeds for viewing HD, and powerful security, even if you are connected on public Wi-Fi. So, lets us review the best VPN for android.

    Best VPN for Android 2020


    NordVPN is considered one of the for android due to its budget-friendly price and remarkable user rating. It also provides powerful security, which includes optional dual encryption and blocking as well as the largest global server network on the world of VPN, spanning over 5,400 servers in almost 59 countries all over the world.

    Its remarkable features are packages in a user-friendly app that you can download from a secure APK on the provider’s website or Play Store. Every subscription includes six simultaneous device connections.

    This is also great for streaming due to its high speed and huge server base. You can watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other videos on streaming networks without buffering and in a HD setting. Provided that you have a 3G connection, this will not affect the speed of streaming.


    Due to its easy to set up feature via Play Store or through a secure APK, ExpressVPN is considered a safe and reliable VPN for android with blazing fast speed. In fact, it is considered the fastest VPN available for android phones. It runs 3000 plus high speed, and P2P enabled servers in more than 94 countries worldwide. This is the best choice for torrenting and streaming in all versions of Androids.

    The company is situated in the British Virgin Island and makes use of OpenVPN as well as military-level security features, which takes account of 256-bit encryption, auto kill switch as well as zero logs policy. Also, it provides DNS leak protection and split tunneling. Data sent on Android mobile phones stays safe, even on public internet.

    This VPN for android has customer support that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through live chat.


    With thousands of servers in 63 countries worldwide, this one is smaller than other leading VPNs. During the test, this VPN is able to unblock and stream renowned services such as HBO GO, Netflix US as well as BBC player in HD.

    These VPNs provide unlimited simultaneous device connections, so you are able to keep all your devices safe and sound with only one account.

    This also features an Android kill switch, which is more to its usual kill switch. This service provider is located in the British Virgin Island and uses a 256-bit encryption and stays a zero log plan.


    If you are looking for an affordable VPN for android without compromising the quality of the service, look no further than PrivateVPN. This service provider has a high rating on Google Play Store due to its amazing features like easy to install and many others intended for Android users.

    It makes use of 256-bit encryption and provides IPv6 as well as DNS leak protection. Even if this is located in Sweden, no logs are kept. So, meaning it does not have user data to have over, although it is asked to.

    This service provider operates 150 servers in sixty countries. During the assessments, this VPN is able to stream various networks like BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, Hulu, and Netflix. Customer support on live chat is always. You can also ask queries through email. This VPN provider provides a risk-free 30 days money back warranty.


    This VPN for android provides the safety features needed from a virtual private network. This is a user-friendly app with 256- bit encryption, DNS leak protection, no logs as well as an auto kill switch. The best thing about this VPN is that it enables users in restrictive places like Russia and China without detection.

    This also assists VyprVPN to get around geo-restrictions as well as VPN blocks. You can stream various platforms such as HBO, Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, and many other top streaming services.


    These are only some of the best VPN for Android available. So, ensure to choose one that will meet your needs and requirement. But, any of the VPNs mentioned you use, you will surely get the service you want.

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    Butterfly Life Cycle – All you have to know

    Butterflies are indeed wonderful creations that share hope, positivity, and love. It symbolizes positivity and femininity, that is why it is loved by women more compared by men. It carries an invisible spirit of joy and happiness, especially dominated by the wonderful prints and colors that are seen engraved into its wings. There is also seems to be magical dust of fairies in its wings, which only makes it look more stunning. These are only some of the qualities why butterflies are loved and widely appreciated by the people. But what really is the life of a butterfly? What is the cycle that it takes before it turned to be as majestic as it is? Well, we’re here to find it out. Let’s go!

    Butterfly Life Cycle

    First Stage: Egg

    The life of a butterfly starts from an egg. Every butterfly first became an egg before it turned to be majestic adults. The egg can be in shape cylindrical, oval, or round, and it is only small. Also, butterfly eggs can be seen attached to leaves or tree branches as a protection from any predator. Another thing, butterfly eggs, especially the monarch, has an amazing view. Try to look closely at it, and you can see a caterpillar-like creature inside that is only an indication that there is already a life inside the eggs.

    Second Stage: Larva

    After being an egg, the next phase is now to become a larva. When the eggs finally hatched, it does not result to a stunning butterfly already but only a larva that still needs to go through two more stages. Here, the larva, or what we commonly call as a caterpillar is living its life. Eating different plant materials is the primary hobby of a larva, which loves leaves of fruit-bearing trees and vegetables from a farm. One interesting fact about larva is that whenever it can’t find a food to eat despite having brothers and sisters being unhatched, the larva can eat the leaf, as well as the unhatched eggs. This is their way of gaining energy for traveling ad scavenging alone.

    Third Stage: Pupa

    Next to larva, we now have entered the world of the pupa. This is the stage wherein extreme isolation and sadness can be felt. But despite that, this is still considered as a cool stage. Here, the larva or caterpillar must enter and lock itself inside a pupa that he made. A larva can only go outside if it reached the desired size and length for an adult butterfly. This is also the place wherein butterflies are able to develop their majestic and huge wings representing different colors and designs.

    Last Stage: Adult

    Last but not least, the final stage of a butterfly life cycle is the adult stage. Here, the pupa can be opened, and a wonderful butterfly will come out. Depending on the designs and colors, the butterfly can now easily attract any human eye with its beauty.

    So these are the stages involved in a butterfly life cycle. Just like it, learn to be patient with yourself and wait for your time.

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